Scott Winslow
Creative Director/Designer

A look at my CV and portfolio will show you a highly diverse background and serious body of work.

For the past decade I have been in senior level positions as a managing director and creative director at luxury goods manufacturers, innovation labs, tech startups and branding agencies.

I have 20+ years of hands-on experience across the entire design/build process (from concept, launch and life-cycle) of commercial, retail, exhibition and experiential environments, brand identity development, product design, packaging, digital UX/UI, as well as video/motion graphic production.

At the moment I am exploring emerging ways of creating forms (2D graphic, digital, and physical products/environments) via the Processing software platform, generative design, computational origami and the fantastic work developing at MIT’s Self-Assembly Lab.

While any number of designers dip into these perhaps esoteric pools for inspiration, I have a proven ability to take emerging technology and experimental ideas and quickly transform them into reality. I reach for the upper limits while remaining fully grounded in the realities of budget and deadlines. I am not interested in theorizing but rather in results — I listen more than I speak. Once a clear direction is defined, I assemble a team and get things done. I have zero ego when it comes to the execution of a project — looking only for the best ideas, regardless of who or where they come from. I am as comfortable pitching to the client or CEO as I am in the trenches of a design studio or fabrication shop.

Apart from the aspects of my work produced on a computer, I have always been responsible for building what I design. I’ve spent a lifetime creating hand-made, 3D-printed, custom fabricated and mass produced products including; electronics, interiors and built environments, custom-lighting, furniture and luxury home-accessories. Those projects gave me deep hands-on experience with hand-craft, rapid prototyping, custom fabrication and manufacturing of metal work, wood, plastics, textiles, ceramics, and glass. Having managed a multitude of vendors around the globe I can immediately tell who will deliver on time and who is, speaking frankly here, full of shit.

I began my career in the film industry shooting and directing music videos. My film experience guides my work ethic to this day. With upwards of $500,000 of payroll, equipment and studio rentals at stake daily, problems that arose had to be solved immediately with the resources at hand — there was no coming back tomorrow, or waiting or the exact right tool or person. To this day when asked “Can we do this?” my answer is always “Why not?”

My years of getting my hands dirty (whether on an iMac or in a machine shop) allows me to push those around me to think bigger, knowing from experience the possibilities of a given craft or material. I take complete ownership of any assignment handed to me and have a relentless attention to detail.

Aside from my design work I am perhaps most proud of the letters of reference I’ve received from literally every CEO I have worked with over the past decade. These letters are especially gratifying given that, in every instance, I left each of them to go on to greener pastures. Retaining their confidence and good wishes means a great deal to me. Please see the REFERENCES tab on this site.